A Look Inside Our 8 Gram THC-A Flower

A Look Inside Our 8 Gram THC-A Flower

We’ve added three new flavors to our popular 8-gram THC-A Flower and updated the packaging. There’s so much cool stuff going on, and we’re excited to give you an inside look into our new THC-A Flower drop.

3 New THC-A Flower Flavors

3 New THC-A Flower Flavors

Let’s start with the newest flavors we added to the 8-gram THC-A Flower collection. These are not just any flavors; they are unique and flavorful. The new arsenal of flavors includes Blue Dream, Bubble Gum, and Slurricane. Some of these flavors are newcomers to our catalog of products, but others you might already be familiar with.

Blue Dream THC-A Flower

The Blue Dream THC-A Flower strain is a Hybrid with a flavor profile of blueberries and hints of mixed berries with herbal flavors. If you smoke Cannabis, you’re probably already familiar with this strain. However, our nugs are big, fluffy, and can be conical.

Our new bag is designed to help you view the quality of the nuggets from the outside. It leaves no room for doubt, as our 8 Gram Flower is grown indoors in a controlled environment to ensure quality and taste.

Bubble Gum THC-A Flower

If you’re looking for something sweet and mellow, the Bubble Gum strain is what you need! Its rich flavor is smooth, and the Indica makes it ideal for nighttime. Also, we have something similar that’s vape in the Dabbalicious THC-A Disposable.

However, if you’re more of the traditional type that enjoys smoking your THC, the Bubble Gum strain is sweet and potent. In addition, we’ve loaded it up into a clear bag so that you can see how dank this strain is.

Slurrican THC-A Flower

Finally, the latest edition to our 8 Gram THC-A Flower collection is the Slurricane strain. You might already be familiar with this taste because of the Slurricane Zooted Disposable 3.5G. However, the flower version is much more Indica-heavy than its vape counterpart.

The Slurrican packs a heavy punch that experience users love. Like the other new flavors, we’ve loaded this strain into a see-through bag. But you’ll be happy to know that the package is still discreet, and the smell stays locked in.

New THC-A Flower Packaging

New THC-A Flower Packaging

One thing that we’re excited about is the new packaging. Before, we added our highly potent flower into bags that didn’t allow you to see the flower inside. However, now you can see the rich buds from the outside and truly appreciate the flower of our buds.

Original THC-A Flower Packaging

You’ve probably noticed that some of our flower still have old packaging. We decided to keep the packaging the same on the original flavors until we’ve run out of inventory; however, this doesn’t mean the quality is not there.

We like being as transparent as possible, from the 3rd party lab results to the presentation of our products. Therefore, we decided to wait until we ran through our inventory before upgrading the packaging of the original flavors.

THC-A Flower Hits Different

THC-A Flower Hits Different

The biggest appeal of THC-A flower is the science behind it. In our opinion, THC-A flower is the closest thing you can get to cannabis while staying within the Hemp guidelines. We feel that THC-A is in a league of its own, and the fact that we offer 8 Grams hits differently.

The Science Behind THC-A

What makes the THC-A cannabinoid different is that it has to be activated to produce the qualities that you’re looking for. This happens through a process called decarboxylation, which means it has to be heated first. You might be thinking, doesn’t all THC need to be heated? Yes and no.

Yes, when you’re smoking or vaping THC, you’ll need to heat it first. However, THC-A doesn’t provide any head change without activating it. This means you get a head change if it’s not activated. Once it’s activated, the THC levels go through the roof.

8 Grams of THC-A Flower

Another impressive factor is that our flower is available in 8 grams at a low price. A quick Google search will reveal how much other companies offer their flower at a higher price point. We can achieve this because we source high-quality flower and have packaging that doesn’t force us to offer a higher price point.


A Look Inside Our 8 Gram THC-A Flower

In conclusion, we’re thrilled to introduce our new 8-gram THC-A Flower flavors and updated packaging. Adding Blue Dream, Bubble Gum, and Slurricane brings unique and flavorful options to our lineup. With the popularity of THC-A Flower, this is just the beginning – you can expect more products and flavors like the ones we recently launched.

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