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Milk Chocolate Sprinkles 1,500MG


Deliciously creamy with a few colorful surprises in every bite, our Milk Chocolate Sprinkles bar is a fan favorite. With 125MG of Amanita Muscaria in each square, you’ll be sent on a relaxing trip that you’ll want to have again — and again, and again!



Milk Chocolate Sprinkles 1,500MG

  • Amount: 1 Chocolate Bar 1,500mg
  • Contains: 12 Squares
  • Flavor: Milk Chocolate
  • Ingredients: Proprietary Mushroom Blend

Exodus Chocolate Bars

Enriched with Proprietary Mushroom Blend, Lions Mane, Kava, CBD and Delta-9 THC, these creamy and delectable chocolates are packed with 1500mg! We recommend starting off with one square and waiting an hour to adjust for tolerance.

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