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What is a THC tolerance break

What is a THC Tolerance Break?

Have you ever heard about a THC tolerance break? It’s cool because it helps reset your system. We explain how long you should break for, whether your receptors return to normal, and how your sleep is affected.

Is a 2-day Tolerance Break Enough Time?

Is A 2-day Tolerance Break Enough

It’s helpful to take any breaks from THC because it can help reset your system. However, it will depend on how much you use and how often. If you’re using THC every day, you might not notice a significant change after two days. You may want to consider taking a 1-week break instead to help, but other factors come into play.

Lifestyle Changes

The Endocannabinoid System, or ECS, helps regulate THC in our bodies. Although taking a break is beneficial, consider some lifestyle changes to accompany it. THC can be stored in our body fat, and if you take a break, remnants of THC can linger there for more than two days.

Alternatively, you can reduce how much THC you’re taking instead of going cold turkey. Not only will this help ease your cravings, but it can also prepare you mentally. Although you might be tempted to give it all up from one day to the next, consider taking baby steps.

Why You Need A Tolerance Break

You might be thinking, THC is awesome! Why would I want to give myself a break? For that reason, you should take a break! The more THC you use, the more resistance you start to have towards it. To enjoy it more, you should consider taking a break to reset your system.

It’s like when you drink coffee; eventually, those Venti Cold Brews don’t have the same effect. So, you add espresso shots and find yourself spending $10 daily for coffee. It’s like returning to that time when you first took THC.

Top Concerns Of THC Tolerance Breaks

Top Concerns Of THC Tolerance Breaks

If you’re like many dedicated THC users, you’re probably weary about taking a break, especially if you use THC for a specific reason. We understand why you might feel a certain way, but here are some insights to help you better understand how taking a break can benefit you.

THC For Sleep

If you’re a heavy THC user you might experience some sort of withdrawal. However, it’s important to remember that it can take between 1 – 2 weeks for THC to leave your system. If you’re taking a tolerance break, those negative side effects are not likely to appear.

On the contrary, taking a tolerance break might help improve sleep since the use of THC reduces REM sleep. If you’re one of the people who uses THC to help you sleep, we suggest tapering off your normal dosage until you feel comfortable enough to take a break.

Friends Are All Stoners

It may sound funny, but some people who use THC on a regular tend to hang out with people who do the same (stoners). So, the concern is that you might not have anyone to hang out with while you’re taking a break, which is a legit concern.

Self-care is very important, and if you inform your social circle that you decided to take a short break from THC, they might feel encouraged to do the same. Although it may initially seem a little awkward, you’ll eventually get used to it – but remember, it’s only temporary.

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Does THC Kill Brain Cells?

Here is a very controversial subject that has been floating around for a long time – does THC kill brain cells? In short, no, because no research shows for certain that THC kills brain cells. One of the common beliefs is that once you give up THC, you regain brain cells. There are some truths to that, but not in those exact terms.

Short Term Effects

While high, THC can affect short-term memory, learning ability, and response time. However, once you sober up, your abilities go back to normal – although some people tend to feel groggy.

Brain Cells

The idea that THC causes ​​Neurotoxicity (kills brain cells) is not evidence-based. When high levels of THC were given to animals, it did cause neuronal damage, but those were extremely high dosages; not even our Gigabytes can achieve that.

On the contrary, some studies have shown that cannabinoids, including THC, have some positive effects on the brain when dealing with inflammation and certain diseases.


Top Concerns Of THC Tolerance Breaks

Taking a THC tolerance has many benefits because it can reset your system and bring you back to how it was the first time you enjoyed THC. However, taking a day or two breaks might not provide a significant difference; you’ll want to go for at least a week. Once you figure out how long you want to break and make some lifestyle changes, you’ll see how beneficial a THC break can be.

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