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Exodus Enterprises

Exodus, also known as “Exo Club,” materialized as a visionary concept crafted by Chris Wheeler and his brother Preston in the latter part of February 2023. In the midst of a burgeoning landscape of alternatives within the smoke and cannabis industry, their ambition was to transcend conventional boundaries, presenting comparable products with superior quality and more competitive pricing, all while pushing the envelope of innovation. Their overarching vision strives to introduce unconventional products to an oversaturated market, specifically tailored to assist individuals in overcoming smoking habits or THC usage. Recognizing the critical significance of these categories, they remain steadfast in their commitment to address the needs of a global audience, extending beyond those who either refrain from THC or smoking.

Whether the purpose is recreational, celebratory, medicinal, or somewhere in between, Chris and Preston aspire to enrich the market with high-quality offerings and rapid, groundbreaking innovation. Their mission centers on empowering both consumers and clients, ensuring that the products they bring forth resonate seamlessly with a diverse range of preferences and needs.

Chris Wheeler, the (co) founder of Savage Enterprises in 2013, boasts an extensive background spanning over a decade within the smoke and cannabis realms. His track record includes steering companies toward 8 and 9-figure successes multiple times. A firm believer in prioritizing the consumer, Chris emphasizes, “To me, the consumer is the most important person and the lifeline of this industry. If we can guarantee that the customer has a delightful experience with our products, staff, and company, they will staunchly support the brand. It’s as straightforward as that.”