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Frozen Strawberry Frozen Diamonds 2.2G


Frozen Strawberry Frozen Diamonds captures the vibrant essence of ripe, fresh strawberries in a cannabis concentrate, ensuring a tantalizing and flavorful encounter. With an initial burst of flavor, it delivers a delightful blend of sweet and tangy notes akin to biting into a luscious, freshly picked strawberry. This fruity explosion is beautifully complemented by nuanced undertones of refreshing coolness, evoking the sensation of savoring a chilled, strawberry-infused treat.

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Frozen Strawberry Frozen Diamonds 2.2G

  • Amount: 1 disposable
  • Flavor: Chilled Strawberries.
  • Ingredients: THCA and Terpenes.

Frozen Diamonds Collection

The Frozen Diamond Collection features THC-A like you’ve never seen it before. We’ve added some unique terpenes and packed them into a 2.2g disposable. The iced-out flavors will have you chilling and shining bright like a diamond.

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