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Lime Sorbet Mushy Vapes Mushroom Extract 2.2G


The Lime Sorbet Mushy Vapes device has 2.2 grams of a hemp + mushroom extract blend. You’ll love the juicy watermelon and zesty lime flavors. It has a sweet and delightful flavor of refreshing lime tartness with a clean finish.

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Lime Sorbet Mushy Vapes Mushroom Extract 2.2G

  • Size: 1 disposable 2.2G
  • Flavor: Watermelon and Lime
  • Ingredients: Proprietary Mushroom Blend with Terpenes for Flavor.

Mushy Vapes Collection

The Mushy Vapes collection features a proprietary blend of euphoric mushroom extracts. Also, they are better enjoyed throughout the day when you need a break from reality.

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