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Orange Kush Lil Shawty’s Pre-Roll 0.7G

Orange Kush Lil Shawty’s offer seven pre-rolls, each containing 0.7 grams of premium THC-A flower. Indulge in a sweet citrus aroma with these convenient and flavorful pre-rolls.


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Orange Kush Lil Shawty’s Pre-Roll 0.7G

  • Amount: 7 pack- each 0.7G
  • Flavor: Orange
  • Ingredients : THC-A, THC-P, Blue Lotus & Myristicin

Lil Shawty’s Collection

Our Lil Shawty’s pre-rolls are a hassle-free delight, thoughtfully prepared with 0.7 grams of your preferred THC-A Flower. These pre-rolled wonders are skillfully crafted for a convenient and consistently flavorful experience, eliminating the need for rolling your own.


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