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Tangilope Purpz THC-P Disposable 2.2G

The Tangilope Purpz THC-P Disposable contains a mix of Pure THC-P, live badder, and delicious Terpenes. This 2.2-gram Sativa strain is a harmonious blend of sweetness and potency.


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Additional Information

  • Amount: 2.2 Grams
  • Flavor: Orange, Citrus, and Tropical Fruit.
  • Strain: Sativa
  • Ingredients: THCP (1,500mg), Delta 8 THC Live Badder (500mg), and Terpens.

Purpz Pure THC-P

The Purpz Collection features Pure THC-P and Live Badder, which are both pure and potent. In addition, this high-speed line of 2.2g Disposables is known for maxing out in potency. This means you’re in for a wild ride when you rip into this high-performing collection.

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Purpz Pure THC-P Collection

Purpz Pure THCP FAQ


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