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Zooted 2G Cartridges Bundle

The Zooted 2G Cartridges Bundle features Blueberry Wreck, Rainbow Runtz, and Berry Gelato at a discounted price. These amazing flavors will have you Zooted and ready to go.


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Zooted 2G Cartridges Bundle

Introducing Zooted 2G Cartridges by Exodus! Each 2G cartridge is packed with a high-potency blend of Delta 6 THC, THCa, THCP, HXY-10 THC, THCB, and Loud Resin. Take your experience to new heights and enjoy the ride!

Bundled Cartridges

The Bundled cartridges include

Blueberry Wreck Zooted Cartridge 2G (Indica)

Blueberry Wreck is a flavorful delight, delivering a burst of fruity blueberry goodness to make your taste buds sing. Enjoy the relaxing and uplifting effects of the Blueberry Wreck strain with this cartridge – it’s a blueberry-infused adventure you won’t want to miss!

Rainbow Runtz Zooted Cartridge 2G (Hybrid)

Rainbow Runtz Zooted cartridges by Exodus are a flavorful delight, capturing the essence of the Rainbow Runtz Zooted strain. Experience a fruity and candy-like sweetness, making every use a truly delectable and aromatic experience.

Berry Gelato Zooted Cartridge 2G (Hybrid)

The Berry Gelato is all about flavor, offering a luscious blend of berry sweetness that’s like a tasty treat for your senses. Get ready for a mouthwatering adventure with quality and ease!

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Exo Club is an alternative compound company that specializes in products that give you a head change. This ranges from Hemp-derived THC to Kratom. However, we take it a step further and look towards to future in order to provide you with a unique experience. We are a California based company who's safety and quality is our top priority.