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Explore The Exodus Loud Resin Series

Explore The Exodus Loud Resin Series

The passing of the 2018 Farm Bill has opened the way for researchers and manufacturers to explore cannabinoids that many did not know existed. Today, there are a variety of products made from hemp extracts like CBD, CBN, THC-A, and Delta-8-THC. Live resin concentrates are one of the most sought-after hemp products. But what are live resin concentrates, and what’s the best way to use them?

In this post, we will answer these questions and more. We’ll even tell you about the best live resin cannabis concentrates on the market.

What Is Live Resin?

Live resin is a cannabis concentrate usually made from uncured, freshly harvested plants. These hemp plants are extracted via the flash-freeze method. This ensures that many trichomes of the hemp plant are preserved.

This is one of the main reasons live resin is considered the purest and most potent full-spectrum cannabis extract. The potency of live resin concentrates depends on the chemical and physical properties of the hemp strains they’re extracted from.

Our collection includes various Exodus live resin products, like disposables, gummies, and cartridges.

Exodus Live Resin Disposables

Exodus Loud resin disposable vapes are made using high-quality ingredients, including Delta 6 THC, THC-A, THCP, HXY-10 THC, THCB, and Loud resin.

Our live resin disposables contain about 3.5 grams of potent ingredients. These disposables are so powerful that we recommend you take 1-3 puffs for the first time and wait 30 minutes before taking another hit.


      • Wedding Cake Zooted: This disposable has a pleasant flavor that will remind you of wedding cake frosting. There are hints of vanilla, fruits, and sweets in each puff. The Wedding Cake strain delivers a euphoric and calming experience.


        • Slurricane Zooted Disposable: Our Slurricane live resin disposable will appeal to enthusiasts who enjoy fruity flavors. Slurricane offers a rich tropical taste that never gets old. Slurricane Zooted Live resin disposable delivers the rich taste of berries and grapes.


          • Guntz Zooted Disposable: Our Guntz Zooted live resin disposable gives you a blast of sweet, fruity goodness with every hit. The rich taste will have you craving another hit. Guntz Zooted has a tropical grapefruit flavor.


            • Green Crack Zooted Disposable: Our Green Crack Zooted disposable has the flavor of ripe mangoes and citrus. It’s an ideal vape for when you’re missing the warm summer.


              • Grape Ape Zooted Disposable: Our Grape Ape disposable has a rich grape flavor that welcomes you. You can also taste notes of sweet berries and grapes. This is ideal for those who enjoy grapes.

            All these disposables are available for $29.99 at

            Live Resin Gummies

            Exodus also offers a collection of high-quality live resin gummies that will appeal to those who prefer edibles. These Exodus loud resin gummies are made using high-quality ingredients, including natural flavoring. Besides live resin concentrates, our gummies also contain THC-A, THC-P, THC-B, Delta-6 THC, and HXY 10-THC. There are about 20 pieces of gummies in each gummy jar. Each gummy contains about 375mg of a combination of hemp-derived THC.

            Exodus Loud resin gummies are available in different flavors.


                • Strawberry Lime Zooted Gummies: Strawberry Lime has the rich taste of lime and strawberry.


                  • Raspberry Guava Zooted Gummies: These gummies have a unique, flavorful taste, with notes of raspberry and guava coming through boldly.


                    • Mango Melon Zooted Gummies: These live resin gummies offer a unique blend of flavors: ripe mangoes and melons. Both flavors come together nicely, making Mango Melon one of the best gummies in this Exodus Live resin series.


                      • Strawberry Zooted Gummies: Our Strawberry live resin gummies have the taste of juicy strawberries paired with minty coolness.


                        • Sour Berry Zooted Gummies: Sour Berry gummies offer the unmistakable flavor of ripe berries. These gummies have a delicious sweet and sour taste.

                      These gummies are available at our online store,, for $34.00.

                      Exodus Live resin Cartridges

                      If you’d like a more customizable vaping experience, try one of our Exodus live resin cartridges. These cartridges don’t just contain live resin but also include a proprietary blend of cannabinoids, including Delta 6 THC, TH Ca, THCP, HXY-10 THC, and THCB. Each cartridge contains 2 grams of cannabis extracts.


                          • Rainbow Runtz Zooted Cartridge: This Exodus Zooted Loud resin cartridge has a unique fruity flavor that will delight your sweet tooth.


                            • Lime Sherbet Zooted Cartridge: Lime Sherbet has a strong citrus flavor that will electrify your taste buds.


                              • Georgia Pie Zooted Cartridge: Georgia Pie offers a smooth flavor with strong notes of peach.


                                • Blueberry Wreck Zooted Cartridge: Our Blueberry Wreck live resin cartridge is designed to relax and uplift you. This device has unmistakable notes of blueberries.


                                  • Berry Gelato Zooted Cartridge: Our Berry Gelato cartridge has a rich, sweet berry flavor that will impress you. You can pick up notes of different berries from each puff.

                                All these Loud Live resin cartridges are available at our online store for $21.99.

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