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The Levels of Being High

The Levels of Being “High”

Join us on a journey through the different stages of getting high, from that exciting initial buzz to the ultimate state of relaxation. With your safety as our top priority, we’ll share insights and tips to ensure you have a fantastic experience. So, grab your favorite strain and come along with us on this exciting adventure filled with knowledge and a sprinkle of playful caution.

Level 1: The Buzz

At the lowest level, you may experience a gentle buzz or slight shift in perception. Colors may appear brighter, sounds more vivid, and sensations more intense. You might feel a subtle sense of relaxation or euphoria, accompanied by a lightness of mood and an increased appreciation for sensory experiences. This level of high is often associated with low doses of hemp or beginner users who are just starting to feel the effects.

Level 2: The Relaxation

As you continue to smoke or eat, you may enter a state of deep relaxation and tranquility. Your muscles may loosen, tension may melt away, and stress may evaporate into thin air. You may feel more at ease in your body and mind, with worries and cares drifting off into the distance. This level of high is characterized by a sense of calm and contentment, making it perfect for unwinding after a long day or enjoying a lazy afternoon.

Level 3: The Euphoria

The Levels of Being High

At this level of intoxication, you may experience a profound sense of euphoria and joy. Your mood may soar to new heights, and laughter may come easily and frequently. You may feel more connected to others and to the world around you, with barriers and inhibitions melting away. This level of high is often associated with socializing, creativity, and engaging in activities that bring joy and pleasure.

Munchies Alert!

In this level, you may find yourself experiencing a noticeable surge in appetite, affectionately termed as “the munchies”. This phenomenon, prompted by cannabinoids engaging with brain receptors, frequently intensifies the enjoyment of flavors and textures in food. To savor this stage guilt-free, ensure you have a mix of delicious and nutritious snacks nearby.

Level 4: The Intensity

As you reach higher levels of intoxication, the effects of hemp may become more intense and pronounced. Your perception of time and space may warp, and sensations may take on a surreal quality. You may experience heightened sensory perception, with colors becoming more vibrant, sounds more immersive, and tastes more intense. This level of high is characterized by a sense of immersion and intensity, making it ideal for deep introspection or exploring the limits of consciousness.

Level 5: The Couch Lock

At the highest levels of intoxication, you may enter a state of profound relaxation known as “couch lock.” Your body may feel heavy and lethargic, and movement may become slow and deliberate. Your mind may wander freely, drifting between thoughts and sensations without a care in the world. This level of high is often associated with heavy Sativa strains or large doses of hemp, and it’s best enjoyed in a comfortable and safe environment where you can fully surrender to the experience.

Feeling Off

You might experience a not-so-great high, with feelings of paranoia, anxiety, or just feeling uncomfortable. If that happens, try to stay chill, drink plenty of water, and find a quiet place to chill out. Taking deep breaths can also help calm you down. And remember, these effects are temporary and will pass before you know it.


The Levels of Being High

The levels of being “high” offer a spectrum of experiences and sensations, from subtle relaxation to profound euphoria. Something to remember is Sativa is known to cause more of a head high, Indica is known for Its calming effects and Hybrid is the balance between the two.  Whether you’re seeking a gentle buzz or a transcendent journey, hemp has something to offer for everyone. Embrace the journey, experiment responsibly, and enjoy the unique sensations that come your way.

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