Exploring The Exodus Zooted Zeries

Exploring The Exodus Zooted Zeries

There are so many quality products within the Zooted Zeries collection. There is plenty to explore, from Disposable to Cartridge. The competition among the products under this line-up is incredible. It’s difficult to decide which one is the best, but what’s certain is that there aren’t any that do not appeal to cannabis enthusiasts. To help, let us share information on the 2.2-Gram Zooted Disposable and the 2-Gram Zooted Cartridge.

Loud Resin Disposables

The Exodus Zooted Zeries Loud Resin Disposable is a highly potent addition to the Zooted Zeries. Users who have tried our Zooted Gummies may be familiar with this rapid, hard-hitting blend. Because you don’t have to digest anything, these disposables hit even faster and harder!

Each 2-gram disposable vape has a potent cannabinoid blend that includes Delta-6, THCP, HXY-10, THCB, and strain-specific live resin terpenes for the best flavor profiles. Due to the complex combination of cannabinoids, each hit provides satisfaction and relaxation. Users may anticipate experiencing a powerful and diverse range of entourage effects alongside each puff bursting with a unique flavor.

Benefits of Zooted Disposables

We never compromise on packaging or hardware design. These disposables are designed to be unobtrusive, functional, and simple. Each device has a sleek, rounded-edge design for comfort and discretion. The Zooted disposable works by pressing a single button. Like most others, this button is five clicks on and five clicks to turn it off. With two quick clicks, you may activate the pre-heat function. Each device also has a USB Type-C port for quick charging.

Strain Options

The selection of strain options from the Zooted disposable is extraordinary. Six strains are available in the line-up, each providing incredible flavor profiles. The options available include Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains.

    Strawberry Lemonade

    Strawberry Lemonade 2.2G disposable by Exodus

    Indulge in the sweet and tangy delight of Strawberry Lemonade. This strain delivers the refreshing fusion of ripe strawberries and zesty lemons, creating a flavorful and uplifting vaping experience that is perfect for those seeking a burst of fruity goodness.

    Grape Soda

    Grape Soda 2.2G disposable by Exodus

    Quench your thirst with the Grape Soda strain. This variant captures the effervescent essence of classic grape soda, offering a delightful combination of grape sweetness and fizzy undertones. Enjoy a nostalgic and flavorful vaping journey with each puff.

    Bahama Mama

    exodus zooted zeries

    Escape to the tropics with the Bahama Mama strain. This flavor brings together a medley of tropical fruits, creating a vacation-worthy vaping experience. Let the blend of exotic flavors transport you to a sun-soaked paradise with every inhale.


    Trainwreck 2.2G disposable by Exodus

    Experience the intensity of the Trainwreck strain. Known for its potent and invigorating effects, this variant combines earthy and pine notes with a hint of citrus. Ideal for those seeking a robust and dynamic vaping experience.

    Papaya Punch

    Papaya Punch 2.2G disposable by Exodus

    Immerse yourself in the tropical allure of Papaya Punch. This strain features the luscious sweetness of ripe papaya, punched up with fruity notes, delivering a smooth and exotic vaping experience that is both indulgent and satisfying.

    Berry Gelato

    Berry Gelato- Zooted Zeries 2.2G disposable by Exodus

    Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Berry Gelato strain. This flavor is a delightful blend of mixed berries swirled into creamy gelato, creating a decadent and velvety vaping experience. Indulge in the richness of berries and cream with each puff.

    Product Specifications and Features

        • 2.2-Gram Disposable Vape (2200mg Active Ingredients)

        • Blend of Delta-6, THCA, THCP, HXY-10, THCB

        • Live Resin Terpenes

        • Ceramic Coil

        • Single Button

        • 6 Strain Options

        • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, and Safety

      Loud Resin Cartridges

      The Loud Resin Cartridge has a potent and exclusive cannabinoid combination. These incredible vape cartridges are part of the popular Zooted Zeries, a collection of products that range from delicious gummies to show-stopping disposables. The combination of cannabinoids used in the series was designed to be fast and potent, impressing even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiasts.

      Each 2-gram vape cartridge contains a fascinating combination of cannabinoids, including Delta-6, THCP, HXY-10, THCB, and strain-specific live resin terpenes accompany them. Each strain has been carefully chosen for its profile of terpenes to ensure users receive the most benefits and a heightened level of effects. When using the Zooted Cartridge, users can experience tremendous pleasure, a profound sensation of well-being, and complete physical relaxation.

      Strain Options

      These 510-threaded cartridges contain a ceramic coil for flavor improvement. Because they are compatible with almost any device, the Zooted Zeries carts are simple and convenient. The Exodus team has launched the cartridge in five classic cannabis strains. Users can enjoy effects from Hybrid, Sativa, and Indica strains within these tastes.

        Berry Gelato

        Berry Gelato 2G cartridge by exodus

        Indulge your mind, body, and taste buds with this incredible Hybrid strain, which produces potent, yet clear-headed effects and a fruity flavor profile. This Mint, Girl Scout Cookies, and Blueberry strains were crossed to create the strain.

        Blueberry Wreck

        Blueberry Wreck 2G cartridge Zooted Zeries by exodus

        Blueberry Wreck, often known as Blueberry Trainwreck, is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain of Blueberry and Trainwreck strains. It has a rich flavor profile of sweet berry, sour fruit, and tangy skunk. Its effects are usually described as clear-headed and active, with a burst of calm euphoria that can help you keep a pleasant attitude throughout the day.

        Lime Sherbet

        Zooted Lime Sherbet 2G Cartridge by Exodus

        Coast to Coast Collective in Southern California developed Lime Sherbet, a delicious and sweet Sativa strain with an 80% Sativa dominance. Its genetic ancestry is unknown; however, using this strain creates a focused head high followed by a sense of total body relaxation. The name comes from its citrus features, which include a very sour taste.

        Georgia Pie

        Georgia Pie 2G Cartridge by Exodus

        Seed Junkie Genetics developed Georgia Pie, a potent Hybrid cannabis strain. This strain is well-known for its exquisite scent, which smells and tastes just like fresh peach cobbler. Inhaling Georgia Pie can give you powerful body and head effects. Georgia Pie is best reserved for folks with a strong THC tolerance due to its strength.

        Rainbow Runtz

        Zooted Zeries- Rainbow Runtz 2G Cartridge by Exodus

        Rainbow Runtz, sometimes known as “Rainbow Runts,” is an Indica strain created by crossing Skittlez and Do Si Dos strains. Rainbow Runtz’ effects are said to be more relaxing than energetic. This strain’s original breeder is unknown.

        Product Specifications and Features

            • 2-Gram Vape Cartridge (2000mg Active Ingredients)

            • Blend of Delta-6, THCA, THCP, HXY-10, THCB

            • Live Resin Terpenes

            • Ceramic Coil

            • 510-Threaded

            • 5 Classic Strains

            • Lab Tested For Quality, Potency, and Safety


          From all indications, the Exodus Zooted THCA Disposable and Zooted Cartridge are excellent choices in the signature Zooted Zeries product line. You cannot claim to be a cannabis enthusiast without trying Exodus Zooted products.