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The Kratom Journey: From Leaf to Tablet

The Kratom Journey: From Leaf to Tablet

Welcome to the World of Kratom! Ever heard of 7-hydroxymitragynine (7OHM) tablets? They’re creating quite a stir among kratom fans, and for good reason. These tablets provide a powerful and easy way to enjoy the benefits of this alkaloid.

But how exactly are they made? Let’s take a peek behind the curtain and explore the fascinating journey from extraction to formulation. Get ready to uncover the science and artistry behind the creation of these delightful 7OHM tablets

Understanding Extraction Methods

Solvent Extraction

Think of this method like making tea: kratom leaves are soaked in solvents like ethanol or methanol, allowing the magic to dissolve. After a little filtering to remove the leafy bits, a potent solution is left ready to be turned into tablets.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Here, carbon dioxide in a fancy state that acts like both a liquid and a gas is used. This CO2 is pumped through kratom leaves under high pressure and temperature, grabbing the good stuff and leaving the rest behind. The result is a super-pure extract, perfect for turning into tablets without any leftover solvent mess.

Water-Based Extraction

This one’s as simple as making soup: Kratom leaves are simmered in water to release the alkaloids. After some evaporation to concentrate the goodness, a pure solution is ready to become tablets. It may not isolate specific compounds like 7OHM, but it is clean and natural.

Formulating 7OHM Tablets

Now that the extract is ready, it’s time to turn it into those handy tablets:

Drying and Powdering

The extract is dried out to remove any extra moisture, leaving a concentrated powder packed with 7OHM and other alkaloids.

Blending and Binding

Next, the powder is mixed with helpers like starch or cellulose to make it flow nicely. Binders are also added to keep the tablet together when it’s squished into shape.


Using special machines, the powdered mixture is squished into tablets, ensuring each is the right size, shape, and dose.

Coating (Optional)

Some tablets get a little makeover with a thin coating to keep them stable, mask any weird tastes, or make them easier to swallow.

Benefits of 7OHM Tablets

Precision Dosage

With tablets, you know exactly how much 7OHM you’re getting, making it easy to control your intake.


Tablets are small, easy to carry around, and discreet, so you can enjoy kratom wherever you go.


Say goodbye to the guesswork of raw kratom powder—tablets offer consistent potency and effects every time.


The Kratom Journey: From Leaf to Tablet

From humble kratom leaves to convenient 7OHM tablets, the journey is a fascinating blend of science and art. By understanding the extraction methods and formulation process, you can make informed choices about your kratom consumption. Whether you crave convenience, precise dosing, or enhanced potency, 7OHM tablets are your ticket to a smoother kratom experience.