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Disposables Vape Alternatives You Must Try

Disposable Vape Alternatives You Must Try

There are possibly hundreds of disposable vapes available today. Brands are working round the clock to outdo each other and release the next best thing. If you’re new to vaping, it can be difficult to pick among the lot. But do not worry because, in this post, we’ll tell you about some of the best disposable vape alternatives in our collection.

The allure of disposable devices is that they are easy to use. They don’t require any maintenance — just vape and dispose of it once you’re done. These disposable vape alternatives usually come charged, pre-filled, and ready to use. Almost all notable vape brands have disposable systems in their collection. However, at Exodus, we have some of the most exciting disposables on the market. Our collection includes disposables with mushrooms, THC-A, terpenes, and natural flavoring.

At Exodus, we don’t compromise on quality. All our products are made with top-shelf ingredients in a state-of-the-art lab. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are five must-try disposable devices from Exodus (they’re some of our favorites!).

Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus Disposable

The Exodus Dope Boyz collection includes three impressive disposables — Unicorn Dreamz, Super Goji, and Blue Razz. These disposables contain a unique blend of flavors and ingredients. Exodus Dope Boyz disposables are infused with a proprietary blend of blue lotus extract, hemp, and other strain-specific terpenes. Each device has a capacity of 2.2 grams.

The blue Egyptian lotus extract in Exodus Dope Boyz disposables is known for its relaxing and mood-enhancing properties. The lotus flower has been used in different cultures for many years. It has numerous benefits and is known for its subtle euphoric effects. The effects of this device usually last between 1 to 3 hours.

Unicorn Dreamz is easily my favorite in the Exodus Dope Boyz Blue Lotus collection. It has a rich flavor that will appeal to vapers who enjoy fruit flavors. This Blue Lotus disposable vape contains notes of ripe pineapples, mango, guava, peach, citrus, and berries. These flavors combine beautifully to create a balanced, lasting, natural taste.

Exodus Mushy Vapes 

The Exodus Mushy Vapes collection is a window to the enthralling world of mushrooms. The devices in this collection contain extracts from various mushroom species, like Lion’s Mane and legal mushrooms. The devices are available in different sizes (1 gram, 2.2 grams, or 1,500 mg) to suit the needs of different vapers. Regardless of the option you choose, you can expect high-quality mushroom blends. Exodus combines mushroom extracts, hemp, and other natural flavors to create the delectable vapes in its Mushy Vapes collection.

Exodus Mushy Vapes are arguably the most popular in the Mushy Vapes collection. These mushroom vapes are available in different flavors. You can choose from over ten unique flavors, including Watermelon Lime, Tangie Banana, Sugar Cookie, Rainbow Belts, Lime Sorbet, Watermelon Line, Strawberry Kiwi, Sour Mango, Sour Apple, Orange Pineapple, Grape Punch, Blueberry Blast, Blood Orange, Orange, Strawberry Kiwi, Milk Chocolate Sprinkles Bar, and Milk Chocolate Cookies.

These mushroom vapes are available in different colors, representing the main flavor profile. Exodus Mushy Vapes disposables are available for only $39.99 at our online store.

Exodus Trip Stix Nutmeg Extract Disposable

When you think of nutmeg, you probably think of baking. But there’s more to this fragrant seed than meets the eye. Did you know nutmeg has psychoactive properties? Yes, nutmeg can get you high. Looking to experience a nutmeg high? Look no further than our Trip Stix Nutmeg Extract disposables.

All the disposables in this collection contain a blend of curated strains and nutmeg that will appeal to first-timers and cannabis connoisseurs. Each device in the Exodus Trip Stix Nutmeg line contains 2.2 grams.

The Exodus Trip Stix Nutmeg disposable collection includes flavors like Orange Creamsicle, Georgia Summer Peach, Cranberry Sour Apple, Berry Jam, and Banana Sundae.

These devices have a sleek design and are portable. They’re easy to use and ideal for discreet vaping experiences. Head to the Exodus online store,, to grab one of our Trip Sticx Nutmeg Extract disposables for only $34.99 instead of the usual $38.99.

Zooted Disposable

If you’re looking for a device that will give you a chill, uplifting buzz, we’ve got something for you. Our Zooted disposables contain a blend of Loud resin and select cannabinoids, including Delta 6 THC, THCa, THCP, HXY-10 THC, and THCB.

Like other Exodus devices, Zooted disposables are easy to use and are available in various flavors. You can choose from flavors like Strawberry Lemonade, Grape Soda, Bahama, Trainwreck, Papaya Punch, and Berry Gelato. Exodus Zooted disposables are going for just $29.99 at our online store.

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