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Everthing You Need to Know About The CB9A Cannabinoid

Everthing You Need to Know About The CB9A Cannabinoid

We’re excited to talk to you about the CB9A cannabinoid. It is being called the golden child in the world of hemp. It’s new, fresh, and has great potential because of how it’s made, extracted, and manufactured. Here is everything you’ll need to know about the CB9A Cannabinoid.

What is CB9A Cannabinoid?

What is CB9A Cannabinoid

CB9A is a fresh and new cannabinoid that’s extracted from CBD Isolate. Unlike CBD, CB9A is a lot stronger and gets you a head change. However, it’s better to think of it as CBD that’s been supercharged or like a Toyota Prius that’s been souped up for street racing.

Why CB9A is Different

What we’re noticing about CB9A is that its chemicals resemble that of CBD and H4CBD, but it acts like Delta 9. Also, it binds to the CB1 receptors like regular THC but more intense – similar to other souped-up cannabinoids.

One of the most significant benefits of CB9A is that it doesn’t crystalize like regular THC. We’ve seen this in HHC, but it’s not related to HHC; it has its distinct classification. This is just the beginning; we’ve already started to see how diverse CB9 can be by introducing CB9A.

CB9A is More Potent Than CB9

Like any cannabinoid, there’s always a way to make it more potent. We figured out how to turn regular CB9, whose vibe is similar to Delta 8, and make it stronger. The result is CB9A, the “A” stands for “Acetate.”

We’ve noticed from this transformation that it allows users to experience something more potent. Although CB9 is not strong, we fixed that by adding an “A” at the end. This means you get an experience resembling Delta 9 rather than Delta 8.

The Golden Child of Hemp

The Golden Child of Hemp

The reason why we’re very excited about this new cannabinoid and calling it the Golden Child of Hemp is because it’s derived from CBD. Although we’ve seen similar cannabinoids, this cannabinoid could outlast others.

Ever-Changing Landscape of THC

The world of THC is constantly changing, and we’ve seen the rise of cannabinoids, which caused lawmakers to take a second look. We’re all well aware that regulations are coming, but when and how are yet to be decided.

However, a cannabinoid that can withstand these times is CB9A. Although it’s too early to call it, the fact that its chemicals closely resemble CBD could hold the key. We understand that these cannabinoids all fall under one umbrella, but CBD is a cannabinoid that appears to be more stable to the powers that be.

What Kind of Products Are CB9A?

What Kind of Products Are CB9A_

Currently, we have two new collections that feature CB9A in the form of an 8-gram disposable and a 3.5-gram cartridge. Both of these CB9A collections are vapables and are combined with a blend of other potent cannabinoids.

8 Gram Disposables

We’re excited about the 8 Gram Disposable Collection launch! We’ve upped our devices and added some cool features and a blend of trippy cannabinoids. Although the device is revolutionary, we wanted to break down the cannabinoids.

You’ll find a blend of THC-A, THC-P, and CB9A – each one potent on its own. However, when mixed, they produce what’s called an Entourage Effect. This means that when two or more cannabinoids are mixed, they create a unique experience.

Diamond Sauce 3.5 Gram Cartridges

The Diamond Sauce 3.5 Gram Cartridges also come with a blend of THC-A, THC-P, and CB9A. However, the most significant difference is that they come in disposable cartridge packs that you can attach to a 510-thread device. Howbeit,  the device is sold separately, but it also generates a unique experience.

Although you may want to vape the new CB9A by itself, we add a blend to make it more enjoyable. Otherwise, you’d be paying top dollar for this new cannabinoid, and it might be too potent on its own. Therefore, we mix the right blend to ensure you have a good time without breaking the bank.

CB9A Products Coming Soon

We don’t have an exact date when these products will be available. However, we recommend you sign up for our Newsletter to be notified when we expect them to be available for sale.

CB9A Breakdown

CB9A Highlights

  • CB9A is a souped-up version of CBD.
  • It does produce a head change.
  • The chemical structure is similar to CBD.
  • Acts more like Delta 9.
  • CB9A is more potent than CB9.
  • Could stay in the market longer than other cannabinoids.
  • Available in 2 Exoclub Collections.

It’s always exciting when we launch a new product or a new cannabinoid. However, this is slightly different because we’ve never seen anything like this. The fact that it resembles CBD but acts like THC is mind-blowing. We don’t know what the future holds, but we’re willing to bet that CB9A will be a part of it.

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