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What Are Mushroom Gummies Good For?

What Are Mushroom Gummies Good For?

There are three popular types of mushrooms outside the culinary world: magic shrooms, mushroom supplements, and recreational mushrooms. A magic shroom is popular in the black market, while mushroom supplements can be found anywhere vitamins are sold. However, we’ll explain what recreational mushrooms are good for and provide valuable insights.

What Are Recreational Mushrooms?

What Are Recreational Mushrooms?

A recreational mushroom is often mistaken with magic shrooms, but the difference is that one is legal, and the other is not. Recreational mushrooms don’t have psilocybin; therefore, don’t provide you with an intense psychedelic experience.

Recreational mushrooms are a blend of mild mushroom extracts that resemble more chill vibes. It’s what CBD is to THC; you won’t get the whole experience like magic shrooms, but it’s meant to put you in the right head space.

Where To Buy Recreational Mushrooms

You can find recreational mushrooms at most smoke shops or online retailers. However, we manufacture our mushroom gummies and recently released our very own blend of mushrooms called Mushy Drops.

Most places require you to be at least 18 years or older, depending on where you live. Also, this applies to purchasing mushrooms online. What’s cool is that people are just getting into mushrooms, so you’ll probably find some good deals on them.

What Do Recreational Mushrooms Feel Like?

What Do Recreational Mushrooms Feel Like?

You’ll find most blends of mushrooms have a very chill and laid-back vibe. It often resembles CBD, but it can be intense depending on your tolerance, experience, etc. However, most newcomers often want to know if they’ll make you hallucinate and what’s the best way to take them.

Will Recreational Mushrooms Make You Hallucinate?

Legal mushrooms that are purchased on Exoclub or well-established smoke shops will not cause you to hallucinate. Although most mushroom products have trippy names, they are more for branding and do not represent the experience.

Therefore, it’s crucial to make legal purchases from reputable places and brands to avoid consuming questionable ingredients. Most mushroom products provide mellow vibes, but who knows what type of trippy experience you’ll have if you take too much.

Different Mushrooms for Different Vibes

The biggest difference between mushroom gummies and mushroom vapes is how fast they hit and your preference. We’ve discovered that gummies tend to take longer for the vibes to settle when compared to vapes.

Gummy Mushrooms

One of the most popular ways to consume mushrooms is through gummies. Although it takes longer to settle in, it can be very intense when they finally do. This means you’ll want to pace yourself and take the suggested amount before you dive in head first.

If you’re sensitive to other products like THC-A Gummies or other types of THC, you’ll want to start slow. We understand that our gummies taste good, but we want you to have a good time. Therefore, we recommend you take it slow before you turn up.

Vape Mushrooms

Another popular mushroom product is the vape. We have so many to choose from because our fan base tends to prefer our vapes. Although they are popular it doesn’t mean they are the strongest. Typically, anything you ingest tends to hit you harder.

The biggest draw to our Mushroom Vapes is the flavors + experience. When inhaling any compound, it typically hits within the first 10 – 15 minutes. This means you have a better way of gauging whether or not you should take more. However, that’s not always the case with gummies because people tend to get impatient and take more.

What Are The Benefits of Recreational Mushrooms?

What Are The Benefits of Recreational Mushrooms?

The biggest benefit of recreational mushrooms is the convenience of knowing you can take them without feeling harassed and the vibes they produce.

Legal Recreational Mushrooms

As of right now, we only know of one state that allows legal mushrooms is Oregon. The state decided to decriminalize psilocybin and also legalize it for supervised non-medical use. Therefore, if you live outside of Oregon, getting your hands on those types of shrooms is tough.

We provide a legal alternative that doesn’t contain psilocybin, but they do provide the mellow vibes. What we’re calling legal recreational mushrooms is not the same as Oregon, but it’s still trippy nonetheless.

Source: Oregon launches legal psilocybin

Mushroom Vibes

The reason why our mushrooms are becoming one of our best sellers is because of the vibes. THC is great, and CBD is chill, but these compounds are in a league of their own. We live in a fast-paced world and are distracted by the media and the different outlets battling for our attention.

What better way to escape our bubble than with some natural mushrooms? They not only set the vibe but are a way to help put you in the right head space. What headspace is that? We’ll let you decide on that.


What Are Mushroom Gummies Good For? - Conclusion

The world of mushrooms is a trippy and fascinating one. It’s filled with all sorts of colors of the law and benefits. Mushroom gummies are best for someone looking for a chill experience without the intensity of psilocybin. Our recreational mushrooms are chill, legal, and a vibe.

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