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THC. VS Kratom

THC Vs. Kratom: The Similarities and Differences

If you’re new to alternative compounds, you probably have many questions. One of the most common ones we get is how Kratom is different from THC. We’ll break down the most significant differences and similarities between both compounds and explain why you must try them!

What is Kratom?

Kratom is a leaf grown in Southeast Asia, part of the coffee family. Its scientific name is Mitragyna speciosa. Its leaves contain alkaloids, with mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine being the primary compounds.

You can find Kratom at most smoke shops, and they usually have their own section. However, we recently started to carry Eat Ohmz 7 Hydroxy Kratom, which are Kratom tablets. They’re quickly becoming one of our most requested products – for good reason.

Kratom Strains

There exist strains in Kratom that are reflected by the color of the leaf. Also, you’ll find the Thai word “maeng da” used to describe the strain followed by a color. The word “maeng da” means pimp, which is a slang term used that roughly translates into pimp grade in English.

The leaf can have different-colored stems, including red, green, yellow/gold, etc. However, unless specifically mentioned, most Kratom is processed and made into a powder using different-colored leaves.

The Kratom Experience

Those who use Kratom often take it for its therapeutic value. The type of experience you have depends on how much you take. It tends to be more energetic if you take enough to feel a buzz. However, if you take a bunch, it tends to have more sedative properties.

You’ll want to find that sweet spot between taking too much and too little. Also, you’ll want to gauge how much you need to take for that energy boost or those sedative qualities. Everyone is different, so you’ll have to determine what a good amount to take.

Similarities Between THC and Kratom


You’ll discover that THC and Kratom have a couple of things in common. The most common similarities include the head buzz they produce and their legal issues.

Head Changes

The most attractive thing about THC is the head buzz it produces after you’ve vaped, smoked, or ingested it. Although CBD has similar qualities, it just doesn’t compare to the experience that THC produces. Therefore, where CBD left off, Hemp-derived THC took its place and has been growing far beyond anyone could have imagined.

Kratom produces a similar experience because it’s a stimulant. Although it’s binding to different receptors, it still produces a buzz that is very similar to THC. This is the reason why many people prefer Kratom over THC. However, Kratom tends to be more intense than THC for some.

Legal Battles

It’s no secret that lawmakers in the U.S. are trying their hardest to regulate Hemp-derived THC; the same applies to Kratom. However, THC is banned in more states than Kratom because of how popular it is.

While the future may not be very certain for both compounds, we know they’ll exist in one form or another. Both have so many therapeutic values that regulation is coming. What does that look like? There’s much speculation, but no one knows for sure.

Similarities Breakdown

  • THC and Kratom both produce head buzz and a sense of euphoria when consumed.


  • Kratom also induces a stimulating experience, albeit binding to different receptors than THC, still resulting in a buzz comparable to THC.


  • Both THC and Kratom face legal battles and regulatory challenges in the U.S.


  • Both compounds possess therapeutic potential despite legal hurdles, leading to ongoing debates and regulatory efforts.


  • The future regulatory landscape for both THC and kratom remains uncertain.

Differences Between THC and Kratom

Now that you understand the similarities between THC and Kratom, it’s time to discuss their differences. These leaves are full of wonders and benefits, and where they differentiate is in where they come from and their strains.

Where The Leaves Grow

One of the biggest differences between THC and Kratom is where the leaves grow. Hemp can be grown almost anywhere – indoors or outdoors. However, Kratom is designated to a specific region in Southeast Asia. This is because the climate has perfect growing conditions for Kratom.

Although Hemp and Cannabis thrive in perfect climates, they are not designated to specific regions. However, regarding quality, some regions are ideal for growing than others, whereas just like coffee, Kratom can only grow in certain regions.

Different Strain Profiles

Unlike Kratom, Hemp has different strains based on their Terpene profile. However, Kratom has strain profiles based on the leaf color, not flavor. This means that the Terpenes in Hemp determine the flavor and experience.
We find Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains in Hemp, but we don’t find this in Kratom. Instead, how much Kratom you use determines if it’s going to be an energetic experience or sedative. Although the same can apply to THC, it’s more prevalent in Kratom.

If we had to compare, a low amount of Kratom would be Sativa in THC, and a high amount of Kratom would be Indica. But it’s important to remember that a lot more goes into determining the strain profile in THC than it does in Kratom.

Differences Breakdown

  • THC can be grown in various locations, indoors or outdoors, while kratom is native to and primarily cultivated in specific regions of Southeast Asia.


  • Hemp can thrive in diverse climates, while kratom requires specific environmental conditions found in Southeast Asia.


  • Hemp has different strains based on terpene profiles, influencing flavor and experience, whereas Kratom strains are distinguished by leaf color, not flavor.


  • Hemp strains include Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid, while kratom strains are not categorized in the same way. Instead, Kratom’s effects vary based on dosage.


  • Terpenes in Hemp determine flavor and experience, while Kratom’s strain profiles are based solely on leaf color, not flavor.


  • Hemp growing is flexible and can adapt to different regions and climates, whereas Kratom is restricted to specific regions with suitable growing conditions.


THC vs. Kratom

Kratom and THC both have their perks and downers. However, both compounds have seen a surge in popularity recently. If you’re new to either THC or Kratom, you’ll find them very similar in experience but different in value that they provide. We encourage you to do your research on both THC and Kratom and discover a world of bliss.

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